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  • Apis+ Guide

    Get full library access to in-depth, highly-technical courses designed to enhance your skills and master technical practices, as well as quick, easy-to-understand courses designed to help you grasp

  • 62 courses


    Apis+ Apis+ gives you all the knowledge you need at your fingertips. You get instant access to the entire Apis eLearning catalogue of online training, where expert teachers explain all the technical

    1,450 €
  • 6 courses

    Learning Path: Understanding Mobile Telecom

    The Understanding Mobile Telecom Learning Path is designed for newly hired technical staff and IT staff with limited telecom experience, who need basic but solid knowledge of the principles and

    950 €
  • 6 courses

    Learning Path: Voice/Telephony in 5G

    The Voice / Telephony in 5G Learning Path is designed for engineers working with VoLTE, service assurance engineers and trouble shooting engineers who need to understand how the IMS-based voice

    950 €
  • 3 courses

    Learning Path: 4G Radio Access Network

    The 4G RAN Learning Path is designed for RAN engineers, radio network planners, system integrators, operation and maintenance (O

    950 €
  • 4 courses

    Learning Path: Private Networks

    The Private Networks Learning Path is designed for network architects, system integrators and operations and maintenance (O

    650 €
  • Webinar - 6G: What It Is and When to Expect It

    What do you know about 6G? Did you know it’s a thing? Did you know it’s not actually a thing?

  • Webinar - How to Solve a Tough Problem in 60 Minutes

    Unlock the secrets to effective problem-solving in this Apis webinar! Dive into the realms of agile and lean design methodologies, and discover how these powerful approaches can transform your

  • Webinar - Private 4G/5G Networks

    Private cellular networks are one of the hottest topics in the wireless industry, with hyper scalers, hardware vendors, mobile operators, system integrators, and a long range of startups entering the

  • Webinar - Network Slicing

    This one-hour webinar presents Network Slicing – one of the cornerstones of the 5G technology – as defined in the R17 3GPP specifications. The 5G Network Slicing is a network feature that enables

  • Webinar - Private 5G: The Next Level of Connectivity

    Get ready to transform your business with the untapped potential of private 5G networks! This webinar delves into the game-changing benefits of private 5G, from lightning-fast connectivity to

  • Webinar - IoT in 4G and 5G

    This webinar presents the possibilities and features for IoT device communication using 3GPP 4G and 5G mobile networks. The overview of device features and network features to optimise the network